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D r .  J a k s h a ,  O d o n t o l o g i s t
S p e c i a l i s t    i n    B a d    B r e a t h    &    Y o u r    H e a l t h

Better Breath 4 Better Health

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Better Breath 4 Better Health


I am an odontologist-dentist of 40 years.  Other than dental pain, the #1 patient concern is bad breath.  The questions are constant...what can I do about my bad breath, my spouses bad breath, that special person with bad breath?  Bad breath ruins social lives with broken relationships, divorces and a loss of intimacy.  Bad breath also ruins business deals because no one likes to talk business with someone with bad breath resulting in a deal.  Bad breath is also a sign of an infectious disease.  Often an infection that is getting into the rest of our body's organ system causing multiple disease issues that few medical physicians understand fully.  Follow me for an educational experience beyond simply "bad breath" and how it affects the totality of our lives.

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