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HOLLYWOOD…..all sparkle and glitch or is there bad breath in every kiss you see on screen?

You think we have problems in our daily lives with bad breath? How about being an actor/actress in Hollywood where their reputation, popularity and income often rides on a passionate on-screen kiss. How would you like to be “that” actor/actress that has a movie role where they have to kiss a fellow actor/actress as part of their role knowing the other has bad breath?  Maybe not once but several times for different scenes and/or the potential re-takes?!

That scares us but I would bet it scares that actor/actress even more knowing their on-stage, counterpart actor/actress has a terrible reputation for bad breath. You can hear their agent saying “Just suck it up. It’s a great part for your career”. Horrible! Now, you might think “How can these beautiful actors/actresses have bad breath? They look so good and so believable on screen?”. Easy, just Google “actors bad breath” and you will get a litany of articles about past and present actors/actresses that have bad breath problems.

Do you know what they do for their problem? One: they either “suck it up” so-to-speak, just like many do in their normal lives, or Two: they try to temporarily mask it with breath mints or mouth wash, or Three: they go to the root of the problem, the bad breath bacteria in their mouths causing the bad breath. Many are now realizing that their lunch was only a small part of the problem but more so it was the active bacteria in their mouths perpetuating their bad breath.

To solve that, they are now reaching for the new and scientifically innovative anti-bad breath toothbrush, the neutralizerPLUS+. Wouldn’t it be better to “neutralize” the bad breath problem than simply “masking” the problem? Follow my bad breath blog BETTER BREATH4BETTER HEALTH:

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