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The Science

Bad Breath & Better Breath​

Odors come from several sources.  Often when they come from our bodies, they are associated with the bacteria that lives on and in our bodies.  These bacteria function like us; they eat and excrete by-products of their meals.  The bacteria in the mouth are very complex.  Science estimates that there are over a 100 different types of bacteria in our mouths with over a billion living there at any one time.  One of the by-products of these bacteria are sulphur compounds which have a very pungent odor often described as "rotten eggs".

This sulphur "rotten egg" smell is from hydrogen sulfide.  Sulphur compounds are also what we smell from onions and garlic when they are cut.  Several other foods have similar odor problems from sulphur compounds.  We can find these similar odor types in our mouths at different times.  Many of us have experienced these odor problems after meals with fish, onions, or garlic.  How about "morning breath"?  Everyone has morning breath and it can even occur several times a day naturally.

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I am sure you have stood next to a friend, a spouse, a business acquaintance without hesitation, but as soon as they opened their mouth to speak, you stepped back in disgust.  The situation is handled by either hiding your feelings or by being so up front with the problem that a relationship or business deal is lost.

How can we break this terrible bad breath cycle? The solution is to break, reduce or stop the sulphur chemical reactions that can cause bad breath.  This can be done by introducing other natural chemical reactions, like the neutralizerPLUS+ toothbrush.  



 The Science of Better Breath


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