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"This is the most novel & innovative toothbrush my husband and I have ever used.  It keeps me motivated to help neutralize my bad breath."


 Andrea, Housewife 

Our Story

The designing and engineering of the anti-bad breath toothbrush, neutralizerPLUS+, was created by a dentist with over 30 years of clinical practice where bad breath was one of the #1 patient concerns.  It all started with a simple observation.

The genesis of the anti-bad breath toothbrush started with a Boy Scout camp out.  During the campout, a Scoutmaster was cutting up some fish and onions for the scout's dinner.  After preparing the fish and onions, he washed his hands under water while using a special alloy soap bar.

Asking what he was doing, he remarked, "I bought this special alloy bar at a store.  When used with water, it helps take odors off your hands with a natural chemical reaction.  These alloy soap bars have been selling at kitchen and sports stores for years."  Immediately, the dentist imagined that if the alloy could help take odors off of the hands, then why not use that technology to help remove mouth odors, bad breath, or as the scientists say, "halitosis"?  It is this same scientific alloy odor-removing capabilities that created the neutralizerPLUS+ anti-bad breath toothbrush technology.


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