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A Toothbrush and Bad Breath

In a scientific research article, the fact that bad breath can be part of a greater health issue does not take away from the problem of “Bad Breath” and how it can ruin social or business relationships. This article also demonstrates how the neutralizerPLUS+, “the anti-bad breath toothbrush that makes friends” removed nearly 90% of bacteria that helps cause bad breath. Attending to your bad breath is also attending to your complete health…please read the abbreviated article synopsis below or go to the full article on this site.

Recently, scientific literature has been linking intra-oral bacteria to a number of systemic diseases, including cardiovascular disease stroke, preterm birth, diabetes, and respiratory diseases. Tooth brushing can reduce, control and/or maintain a better intra-oral bacterial environment, potentially improving self-induced, chronic disease states, such as periodontal disease…..

….Any improvement in physical health is in itself beneficial, but there are other benefits. With improved health an individual spends less time with the physician and hospital, thereby saving thousands and potentially millions of dollars. The financial savings not only mean less medical costs but also savings made with an improved work force….

 ….Therefore, if an individual can better maintain their intra-oral bacteria while using a good, simple toothbrush, then the quality of life can be improved with a stronger work force, financial savings and noticeably improved individual social skills…

…..The aim of this study is to observe the effects of regular tooth brushing on the intra-oral bacterial environment….

This simple, cost effective toothbrush [neutralizerPLUS+], can potentially avoid greater somatic health problems … almost 90% reductions of intra-oral, malodor, bacteria occur with the toothbrush then its regular use should be a part of everyone’s daily health care.

Not only are there the improvements in bad breath, but also the improvement of our general health. Utilizing the anti-bad breath toothbrush, the neutralizerPLUS+ should be a part of everyone’s daily oral hygiene habits. Follow my bad breath blog BETTER BREATH4BETTER HEALTH:

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